Water Filtration Systems

Clean, Fresh Water Available All Day

Enterprise Refreshment Solutions uses the state-of-the-art Innowave Water Filtration system to provide an essential element to office refreshment. Connected directly to a water source, the Innowave System uses the most advanced UV and filtration technology for clean and safe water.

  • ITS™ In-Tank Sanitization
    An effective method to prevent the potential for biofilm (slime) buildup in the cold water storage tank. Ultraviolet technology also helps reduce any heterotrophic bacteria that may occur in drinking water.
  • 3-Stage Filtration Technology
    A 5-micron, Sediment Filter (1) traps sediment and solid particle matter. Then, a Carbon Block Filter (2) traps contaminants as small as one micron. Finally a 1-micron Granular Activated Carbon Filter (3) is used to remove any unnatural elements in the water including chlorine and water-borne tastes and odors.
  • BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology
    Silver ion antimicrobial technology is incorporated as an agent into Innowave?s POU dispensers at the time of manufacture, giving their treated surfaces protection against a broad spectrum of microbes, which may cause degradation.

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innowave Chiller3

Premium features, good capacity and an excellent price make this water dispenser a popular choice for factories, canteens and offices. UV purification is guaranteed for safe, clean, refreshing water, cup after cup. A high-quality Waterlogic cooler.

  • Dispenses cold water only
  • UV technology to eliminate bacteria
  • Perfect for larger offices and factories
  • Audible alarm warns if UV lamp has a fault

innowave Chiller3 Counter Top

Perfect for small offices this counter-top model (14"x15"x18") dispenses both hot and cold water through the same filtration process as the full size Chiller3™.

innowave ChillerGF

Specifically designed for use where water quality is very poor, this smart dispenser delivers both superb quality and high volume. The Reverse Osmosis option ensures high purity filtration that is ideal for contamination situations including boil alerts. An 11-liter gravity-fed storage tank is ideal in low water pressure areas or where there is an intermittent supply.

  • Dispenses cold, hot and ambient temptress
  • Reverse Osmosis removes all contaminants, chlorine and fluoride
  • UV technology eliminates bacteria
  • High capacity for a constant supply of fresh water