Automated Vending Equipment

Lastest Technologies & Dependable Equipment

Enterprise uses only the most dependable automated vending equipment for all of our customers. Quality equipment maintains employee satisfaction, reduces service calls and keeps both product and energy costs down.

Along with dependable equipment, Enterprise has a range of additional features and technologies available on vending machines:

  • Accepts Credit CardsCashless Payment Options (Credit, Debit & Apple Pay)
    Cashless payment gives your employees, especially those that do not typically carry cash, another option when making purchases. These trasactions are sent through a secure wireless connection.
  • SureVend™ Guaranteed Delivery
    Guarenteed DeliveryAfter a selection is made the SureVend™ system will attempt to vend 3 times before offering the customer to choose another selection or a complete refund.
  • Energy Star Approved Equipment
    Energy Star ApprovedSave energy and fight climate change with Energy Star qualified vending equipment. These machines use less energy, save money, and help protect the environment.
  • LED Lighting & Motion Sensors
    Reduce energy costs with motion sensors and LED lighting which also provides a brighter cleaner look inside the machines and the breakroom.

Cold Beverage

Cold Beverage VendingIn addtion to Coca-Cola & Pepsi branded equipment, Enterprise can outfit your location with a generic cold beverage vendor to provide a mixture of cold beverage products.

Beverage options include the most popular Coke and Pepsi soda selections as well as alternative drinks such as flavored waters, sports drinks, juices, teas and energy drinks.

Enterprise places the latest equipment including stack displays, large button and glass-front models which offers the most beverage selections. Cold beverage vendors are ideal for locations of 100 people or more.

Snack & Candy

Snack VendingSnack machines provide over 40 different snack and candy selections including small and large chips, chocolate, pastry, cookies, crakers, nuts, granola bars, nutrition bars, gum and mints.

A portion (minimum of 35%) of all snack machines are dedicated to Enterprise's Smart Options selections. These items are declared to be a healthier by meeting certain industry guidelines and are clearly marked and outlined.

Enterprise places both narrow and wide snack machines to match this broad range of snacks as well as fit the availble foot print for vending equipment. Snack machine vendors are ideal for locations of 100 employees or more.

Coffee & Hot Beverage

Coffee VendingCoffee vendors will brew a consistent cup of coffee or hot beverage selection well over a hundred times before requiring service any type of service.

In addtion to our fresh coffee seletions which are White Castle and Wallingford 100% Colombian, hot beverage selections include decaf coffee, flavored cappuccinos, lattes and hot chocolate.

Equipment is regularly serviced and kept clean to the highest industry standards to maintain a consistant taste and optimal operation during high volume breaks.

Coffee and hot drink vending is considered for high volume locations with a minimum of 150 employees or as a supplement to full-service cafeterias.

Fresh Food & Milk

Fresh Food VendingFresh food vending machines offer around the clock dine-in options for your employees such as deli sandwiches, hamburgers, burritos, muffins, meal platers, and other sandwich varities. Learn more about our Fresh Food Program.

In addtion to the fresh food selections, items such as soups, cereals, oatmeal, meals, yogarts, and of course milk will be offered. Smart Options selections are placed and meet certain industry guidelines and are clearly marked and outlined.

Fresh food vending is considered for high volume locations with a minimum of 200 employees or as a supplement to full-service cafeterias.