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Quality Assurance

A Standard of Excellence in Service & Food

At Enterprise we have taken a pro-active approach to food safety management and developed a program to meet and exceed all levels of health standards to ensure the quality and safety of all our food products.

All employees in route, warehouse and service departments are thoroughly trained and educated in proper cleaning and sanitizing, workplace safety, employee health and hygieneServ-Safe Certified, and of course food safety. Managers and supervisors are Serv-Safe Certified and all other employees in these departments have successfully completed a Safe Food Handler Program.

  • Employee Hygiene Standards
  • Proper Sanitation Practices
  • Purchasing & Receiving ProceduresQuality Assurance Program
  • Management & Record Retention
  • Customer Satisfaction Reviews

Attention to detail assures our customers Enterprise and our suppliers meet and exceed compliance with all levels of health standards, along with a commitment to consistently providing exceptional products and service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Quality Assurance Program?

A QAP is a planned and systematic documentation of all processes, monitoring, and verification necessary to provide confidence the products and services optimally fulfill customer expectations.

What is the standard QAP for the industry?

While there is no HACCP based QAP requirement for the vending industry, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is the standard for the food service industry.

HACCP was developed in the 1970s by major industrial food processors to monitor and control contamination risks in their facilities.

What does the Enterprise HACCP program include?

The Enterprise HACCP is a comprehensive program that includes a complete set of guidelines, practices, and procedures to ensure food quality and safety. These guidelines are applied as food flows through our operation to our customer locations.

What does this mean for the customer?

This program is specifically designed to outline the expectations of each employee, to meet our standards for Food Safety, sanitation, service, and customer satisfaction.

It demonstrates to our customers how the procedures we have in place maintains and verifies food safety, product quality and service excellence.

What does this mean for Enterprise?

The program outlines our employees mandatory training and education sessions necessary for proper product handling, machine and food safety.

It also allows us to verify proper procedures are being followed and correct any issues immediately. In addition, the QAP sets standards to measure and document how We Deliver service to our customers.

Our Commitment To Customers

Everyone at Enterprise Refreshment Solutions is working together to bring you quality and safe service through the COVID-19 Pandemic. In addition to our existing HACCP-SOP and policies we will be adding extra policies and procedures to keep everyone safe.

In House/ Office / Warehouse
In Transit/ Vans/ Trucks
Servicing Accounts

If you have any questions and or concerns as to how we can better service your account during this time please contact us at 800-613-4926. Thank you and we appreciate your continued business.