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Office Coffee Services

Taking Coffee To a Whole New Level

Office coffee by Enterprise is a partnership designed to enhance the workplace by providing quality coffee and products for your employees and associates.

From standard brewed coffee to single cup we can design a program to fit your needs as well as help reduce costs and or enhance your program with additional choices and variety.

Coffee Products & Supplies

Enterprise is proud to provide Wallingford Coffee, a local Ohio roaster known for supplying White Castle, Bob Evans, and United Dairy Farmers. Located only minutes from our corporate office, all Enterprise branches receive a weekly delivery of fresh roasted coffee. As our most popular brand, Wallingford is the best tasting coffee at a great value.

Other popular coffee brands we offer include:

  • Rooted Grounds CoffeeSeattles BestStarbucks CoffeeStarbucks
  • Seattle's Best
  • Rooted Grounds Coffee

Enterprise also provides an extensive list of tea selections, hot chocolate, as well as all the coffee supplies needed to sustain a top-notch coffee program.

  • CoffeeMate Creamers
  • Green Mountain CoffeLipton TeaCoffeeMateSplenda & Equal
  • Lipton Teas
  • Green Mountain
Convenient Delivery & Ordering

Enterprise utilizes dedicated routes for all office refreshment customers to help maintain and streamline product delivery. We coordinate the best delivery schedule and method with each customer to fit the company?s schedule and procedures.

The majority of our customers are visited on a set schedule and restocked based on a pre-determined level to avoid both product shortages and over-ordering. This approach also removes the responsibility of ordering from your employees and allows the route driver an opportunity to check and clean the coffee equipment and surrounding area.

Orders can be placed by fax, phone, email and even online! Order online by simply providing your business information and choosing the product you need. On-demand orders gives you the flexibility for delivery and helps ensure any outages are refilled quickly.

Find Out For Yourself

Samples of all of our coffees are available upon request. If you prefer, Enterprise can schedule a complimentary coffee tasting that allows your associates to try different coffees and select their favorite at no cost to you. All the coffees and supplies are provided.

Ready to get started? Please contact us anytime by calling your local branch or complete the form to the right and an Enterprise representative will contact you.

Our Commitment To Customers

Everyone at Enterprise Refreshment Solutions is working together to bring you quality and safe service through the COVID-19 Pandemic. In addition to our existing HACCP-SOP and policies we will be adding extra policies and procedures to keep everyone safe.

In House/ Office / Warehouse
In Transit/ Vans/ Trucks
Servicing Accounts

If you have any questions and or concerns as to how we can better service your account during this time please contact us at 800-613-4926. Thank you and we appreciate your continued business.