Office Coffee Equipment

Meeting & Exceeding Your Coffee Needs

After reviewing and assessing your current program, Enterprise will present our coffee recommendation which will fulfill all of your office coffee needs as well as any special requests.

Currently we utilize three different coffee brewing systems to accommodate customers of all size. Enterprise provides all coffee equipment at no cost to our customers.

Want more information? Please contact us anytime by calling your local branch or complete the form to the right and an Enterprise representative will contact you.

Pot Coffee Brewers

Bunn Coffee BrewerFound in most office break rooms, a standard brewing system can handle the morning rush of coffee drinkers and is easy to maintain throughout the day.

Standard brewers range from low-profile machines to air pot systems for larger offices. The pour-over equipment is also available.

Coffee product and supplies can be provided in both fractional packs or whole-beans with a grinder. Click here to browse coffee products and supplies available for delivery.

Individual Cup Brewers (I-Cup)

Starbucks Coffee BrewerI-Cup brewers are self-contained machines able to grind, steep, and pour a fresh cup of personalized coffee at the touch of a button.

Both the Starbucks and Seattle?s Best Coffee machines, the two options currently offered by Enterprise, have been proven to match the quality of coffee purchased at the store level.

Individual cup brewer equipment sits on a professional cabinet and requires floor space. For more information please contact us.

Keurig Coffee Brewers (K-Cup)

Keurig Coffee BrewerKeurig has become the most well-known, single cup brewer in the coffee industry. With the largest variety of coffees and teas, these brewers allow you to meet a broad range of preferences in the office with ease.

Enterprise Refreshment Solutions offers your favorite brands from Green Mountain to Starbucks enhancing your office Keurig program. Click here to browse our available Keurig selections.